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Zema Family winemaking commences in Italy


1932 July

Demetrio born in Armo, Reggio Calabria Italy

1934 November

Francesca born in Armo, Reggio Calabria Italy


1952 November

Francesca's father Nicola arrives in Australia alone

1953 February

Nicola arrives in Coonawarra for the commencement of vintage

1957 December

Demetrio and Francesca become engaged

1958 April

Francesca with her mother, sister and brother arrive in Australia

1959 April

Demetrio re-united with Francesca in Australia

1959 June

Demetrio and Francesca married in Penola


1960 March

Matt born in Penola

1961 January

Demetrio commences painting business

1966 March

Nick born in Penola


1972 March

First Coonawarra wine made for personal consumption


1982 March

Purchased vineyard and land

First vintage under guidance of Ken Ward

First Shiraz made from own grapes

1982 May

Cellar Door Sales opened in kitchen of house

Release of 1980 Cabernet and 1980 Shiraz made by Demetrio

1983 February

Completion of winery and Cellar Door Sales

1984 August

Planted 4.8Ha of Cabernet Sauvignon at Coonawarra ‘home block’

1985 September

Matt and Teresa Zema married

1987 July

Demetrio Zema junior born (son to Matt and Teresa)

1988 April

First Family Selection Cabernet Sauvignon made

1988 November

Winery extension Stage 2

1989 January

Purchased land “Cluny” 24.51Ha


1990 March

First vintage with Matt and Nick as winemakers

1991 August

Planted 4.6Ha of Cabernet Sauvignon, 1.1Ha of Cabernet Franc, 1.1Ha of Merlot and 1.0Ha of Malbec at “Cluny”

1992 December

Winery extension Stage 3

1993 April

First “Cluny” made (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc blend)

1993 June

Purchased land “Glenroy” 81.20Ha

1993 August

Planted 6.0Ha of Cabernet Sauvignon at “Cluny”

1994 January

Winery extension Stage 4

1994 August

Planted 8.7Ha Cabernet Sauvignon and 8.7Ha Shiraz at “Glenroy”

1995 September

Planted 1.7Ha Cabernet Sauvignon, 1.8Ha Merlot and 0.6Ha Sauvignon Blanc at ”Cluny”

1996 May

Purchased land adjacent to “Cluny” 54.76Ha

1997 August

Planted 7.2Ha Cabernet Sauvignon at “Cluny”


2000 April

First Family Selection Shiraz and Merlot made

2000 July

Tom Simons commences as Winemaker

2000 September

Nick and Jackie Zema married

2000 November

Winery expansion Stage 5

2001 April

First Sauvignon Blanc made

2001 August

Planted 5.3Ha Cabernet Sauvignon and 5.2Ha Shiraz at “Glenroy”

2002 July

Olivia Zema born (daughter to Nick and Jackie Zema)

2004 November

Georgina Zema born (daughter to Nick and Jackie Zema)

2005 March

Work commenced on new Cellar Door, Office Complex and Warehouse

2006 March

Greg Clayfield commences as Winemaker

25th Vintage of Zema Estate wine

2006 April

New Cellar Door Sales, Office Complex and Warehouse officially opened

2007 March

Zac Zema born (son to Nick and Jackie Zema)


2011 March

30th vintage for Zema Estate

2012 July

Demetrio Zema celebrates his 80th birthday

2014 November

Francesca Zema celebrates her 80th birthday

2016 March

35th vintage for Zema Estate


Nestled on Coonawarra's
famous Terra Rossa soil

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