Mrs Zema's Chilli Paste

Mrs Zema's Chilli Paste

Handmade and grown by Mrs Zema in Coonawarra - Mrs Zema's Hot Chilli Paste is a kitchen staple for people who love to cook.

We grow chilli plants around our Cellar Door in Coonawarra, which are harvested by the Zema family and made into a premium paste using a 30-year-old secret family recipe.

Our Hot Chilli Paste packs a punch and makes the perfect addition to your home cooking. 

Check out Mrs Zema's family Mediterranean recipes for inspiration.

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Zema Estate In the autumn of 1982, Demetrio and Francesca Zema with sons Matt and Nick, made their first Coonawarra Shiraz in a tin shed, using a second-hand milk tanker as a fermenter.

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